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March 21, 2016

The Haze in our vintage fit, is focused on raising the status quo through new materials, unique design and relentless innovation.  Bridging the gap between luxury fashion, headwear and Southern California lifestyle, while blending boardsport culture with different styles of hip-­‐hop, punk and trap style music.
The product itself utilizes materials such as hand selected acid washed Japanese denim. The denim was selected because it is known globally for its premium construction and the skilled, artisanal craft required to make it. Like our hats, we craft only with the finest materials in the world and the combination of our top visor, side and back panels fitted with these characteristics gives a distinctive composition that only becomes more unique over time. True denim enthusiasts are known to go months or even years before washing their jeans for the first time as the first wash creates the characteristic fades and creases unique to each wearer. When this is applied to headwear that typically rarely gets washed, each Haze will have its own identity and thats exactly what we built this for. 

The Haze is also suited with hand pressed custom molded antique copper front logo trim and custom molded antique dark nickel / copper eyelets. This is a clean match-up look with our signature antique copper seal with white enamel.


When it comes to the rear buckle of The Haze, we selected more copper elements while fitted on our signature Melin Strapbackclosure.  When turning the hat over you will notice some of the finest silky suede in the world on our undervisor. Premium suede has a silky touch and is instantly recognizable, while also holding the standard for the most beautiful leather for lining fine leather accessories. 

While looking at the interior of The Haze, it is standard amongst all Melin headwear with our Performance Moisture wicking lining, Hidden interior "Besom" stash pocket, Melin Brand damask woven taping and label. 

Melin Brand holds our product in the highest regard by continually introducing new innovation, materials and construction. Our mantra is to think anything big is possible, view adversity as motivation, never get outworked, success requires sacrifice, stay committed, push the pace, control your destiny, and believe. We hope you enjoyed learning more about our latest product and please feel free to comment below for any additional question and/or feedback.  This is not for everyone. #ThisIsEarned


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