Passage Explorer Hydro

melin x Ryan Sheckler

Passage Explorer Hydro

melin x Ryan Sheckler

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Passage Explorer Hydro - Black

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For over 20 years, Ryan Sheckler has been a mainstay in the skate world. Trick after trick, cover after cover, sponsorship after sponsorship, Shecks has it made. A Pro’s Pro. But if you ask him, what sticks out the most is the injuries endured. The falls in between stomping the un-doable. The lessons learned, most definitely the hard way.  They say “Fall down 7 times, get up 8…”. But what happens if you fall 7,000 times? You find out that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

Shape Guide

Passage Shape
An iconic style in melin’s heritage, recently brought back with Ryan Sheckler’s latest signature hat. Crafted similar to our Odyssey, appearing slightly taller-looking while wearing a bit more shallow on the head. Paired with a flat visor, it’s ready to take on any challenge you face throughout your day.


New Style
Understated, clean, and confident. Molded after Shecks’ style, the Passage is West Coast boldness, in a sleek, monochromatic black.
Skating isn’t for the faint of heart. Falls are inevitable, injuries too. That’s why the Passage is built tough enough to endure each tweak and every triumph.
Sheck's Details
Each aspect hand-picked by Ryan. The shape, colorway, personal crest, Bible verse, and slogan are all a reflection of him and how he’s made it this far. Certainly not alone, and nowhere near done. Shecks knows NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

Technology & Features

  • Water Friendly

    Water Friendly

  • Floatable


  • Lightweight


  • Durable


  • Antimicrobial


  • Moisture-Wicking Lining

    Moisture-Wicking Lining

  • Hidden Besom Pocket

    Hidden Besom Pocket

  • Breathable


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If melin doesn’t become your new favorite hat, send it back. No questions asked.
If melin doesn’t become your new favorite hat, send it back. No questions asked.
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