Alexa Score's Journey

As a professional wakeboarder, TV Host, cancer survivor, and philanthropist, Alexa Score has a passion for getting the most out of life. We caught up with her about her journey battling Leukemia and the importance of supporting causes like LLS for the future generations.

Tell us about your journey and what you've overcome?

I was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia at age 16. At the time, treatment options were extremely limited and my projected life expectancy was around 5 years. One doctor recommended I try an experimental oral chemotherapy drug that not many oncologists knew about. I followed his advice, and after months of battling, the drug reduced my cancer counts to a low and stable level. 14 years later I remain on that drug to keep the cancer at bay and, therefore, to keep me alive. Despite daily side effects of the cancer itself and treatment, I’m able to live a happy, active, and FULL life.

You've worked with the LLS before, what do you love most about working with them and what makes them unique?

I've been involved with the LLS for the past 7 years through many of their different campaigns including Man/Woman of the Year, Pennies for Patients, and Light the Night. What I love most is that nearly 80 cents of every dollar raised goes directly to the cause, which is substantially more than most non profits.  I also love that blood cancer research is leading the way in treating and curing all forms of cancer, so supporting the LLS is truly supporting the entire fight against cancer. Lastly, the drug that saved my life was developed by an LLS funded researcher - what’s not to love about that?!

What would you like to say to anyone who is going through a similar journey to yours right now?

Don’t forget to breathe. Being diagnosed with cancer can be truly overwhelming. Get as much information as you can without inundating yourself and be sure to explore the different resources available. There are so many amazing people and organizations like the LLS who are there and ready to support you!

What are you looking forward to most in your life right now?

Well, being that I live in Minnesota, I’m really looking forward to summer at the moment, haha! But in addition to that, I have a lot of exciting projects in the works - TV, products, and beyond - and for each of those I get to work with some really dope humans. The most special things in my life are people, not things, and I’m sooo looking forward to doing cool stuff, bringing FUN and happy into the world, and making memories with amazing people.

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