Tom Brady's TB12 Partners With melin

TB12 x melin = The Stuff of Legend

“2 minutes left, down by a field goal, and Tom Brady with another chance to lead his team down the field and win the game.”


Heard that before? 


We sure have. 


For 23 years, the one guy opposing defenses did not want to see with the ball, led more game winning drives than anyone else to ever sling the pigskin.  There’s been 56 Super Bowls in the NFL’s history, Brady’s got 7 of those rings.  He’s the most winningest football player of all time, the G.O.A.T. 


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for two decades, you know this all too well.  Brady raising the Lombardi Trophy, AGAIN… And with the personality, class, and charisma to boot.  A ruthless competitor and a class act. 


Lucky for us, he’s on our team. 



When Tom needed a hat for his TB12 lifestyle brand, he reached out to melin.  The performance aspect, attention to detail, and the durability… all of which Brady has crafted his career on, and still does in life after football.  All of which align with him. 


The TB12 x melin Line

Featuring two black TB12 branded A-Game Hydro snapback models, the TB12 Limited Collection is tailored to perform on the field, the course, the airport, and anywhere else Brady, or you, may find yourself.  Complete with trademark melin hydrophobic tech, UV repellent materials, and unrivaled durability, the TB12 collection hits the mark. 


Interested? Head to TB12Sports and have a look at the incredible collection of TB12 x melin hats already available. 

Might wanna hurry though… “We’re talkin’ bout Brady OVA HEREEEE”



The G.O.A.T.

What’s it like being fortunate enough to work with Tom on his own melin collab?  Psh, no words, man. Humbled, inspired, grateful, proud… and those don’t even scratch the surface. He’s class on and off the field, and we’re honored to work with a legend.



TB12 x melin
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