melin x High Fives x Kindhumans Collaboration

What’s a “Kinja?” 

A kindness ninja; a person trained in the martial art of kindness, employed especially for peace and the creation of positive solutions for the greater good. And, Kindhumans’ mascot.


What’s a high five?  

Just kidding.


Say hello to Kindhumans and High Fives.  Two of the raddest, most generous, giving, selfless, and positively infectious groups of people to walk the Earth.  


melin x High Fives Foundation x Kindhumans collaboration


Kindhumans was dreamt up by the co-founders and husband/wife duo of Suzi & Justin Wilkenfeld.  

Their mission: “Celebrate the good in humanity by elevating community, commerce, and world-changing causes.” They refer to those cornerstones as the “Three C’s” and credit them as the heart and soul of the Kindhumans brand.  

In their lives as parents and philanthropists, they aim to “set a good example for their children by fostering a community of kindness, making it easy for everyone to consume responsibly, and always giving back.”

A life’s calling to leave the world better than they found it, and do so on a daily basis.  

Since 2009, High Fives has been on a mission to “Create a universal shift in adventure sports that expands what is possible for those who have faced life-changing injuries.” 

Roy Tuscany is the founder and CEO of High Fives.  In April of 2006, as an aspiring world-class professional skier, Roy suffered a devastating and life-altering accident while training.  Medically speaking, he had a burst fracture of his T-12 vertebrae, and 45% of his spinal cord was compromised.  From that point on, his lower body was paralyzed.  

Roy had to relearn how to do life, with what many would consider a damning diagnosis, a limiting reality.  But not to Roy.  Not even close.  

Just two years later, he was in skis, back on a lift, and gliding down a mountain doing what he loves most.  

Since 2009, he and High Fives have helped countless others find their own path back to what they love.  Athletes, veterans, friends, neighbors, and strangers, High Fives has been there to help them accomplish what was once impossible.  

We are in awe of both Kindhumans and High Fives and being able to partner with them has been as honoring as it has humbling.  Our KindFives Coronado HYDRO is crafted with the goal of bringing awareness to their organizations and serve as a reminder that we could all use a little kindness.  

No time like the present.

melin X High Fives for Kindness