Andy Buckworth Goes For BMX Gold at X-Games in 2023


Andy Buckworth is the BMX back flip (and front-flip) master with a slew of X-Games medals in his trophy case, including a Gold Medal for his signature double front flip no hander in BMX Best Trick in 2021.

Aside from being a legend in the BMX and X-Games communities, Andy has been a melin supporter for years, rocking the hats - especially his go to shape, the Odyssey Stacked in Heather Charcoal - while living the brand ethos and aligning with melin's Train, Play & Explore DNA.

Andy is the BMX Legend in the melin Family and we're here to share his story with the world. 

From Castle, Australia, Andy Buckworth is a BMX Legend who has been at the pinnacle of the sport since he was 17, competing in Big Air Triples and BMX while landing sponsorships with big name brands like Oakley, Monster, DC, Mirra Bike Co., Skullcandy, Ogio, Woodward, and Jetpilot.

Now 33, Andy is a seasoned veteran with a story to tell… and something still to prove.


In 2017, Andy broke both his tibia and fibula, and shattered his heel on the other foot. After being told he wouldn’t walk for 6 weeks, or ever ride again, Andy used that adversity as his fuel to rehab and come back stronger than ever. 4 weeks later, dude was back on his road bike gaining his strength again.

In 2021, he completed his comeback to the pinnacle of BMX - winning the X Games Gold Medal for Best Trick with a no handed double backflip, proving himself as one of the best in the game, even in the face of heavy adversity with his injuries.


Now, he’s back and going for gold again at this year’s 2023 X-games competition, and we’re teaming up with Andy to show you exclusive Behind the Scenes access at X.

How to watch the 2023 X-Games and Cheer on Andy Buckworth in the BMX Big Air and Best Trick competitions 

Step one: follow us - @melin on Instagram - for cool behind the scenes videos and interviews with Andy.

Step two: tune in to ABC, ESPN & ESPN2 to see Andy Buckworth go for Gold at the X-Games in Ventura, California Wednesday through Sunday July 19-23. Click here for the TV schedule.