Both Sides Of The Camera

In part 1 of this series, we shared 7 Steps To Connect With Your Local Run Community.


Today, we're shadowing ultra marathon runner, ironman, community jogger, and artist, Nick Isabella


Nick is up early most days to hit the trails or run roads, then immediately off to shoot photos as a professional photographer.


His particular style of photography? Athletes.



There is something special about the fact that this creator knows the athlete lifestyle and is able to direct traffic onset in a way that is an immediate connection to those he's working with.


From gold medalists, to NBA legends, and professional dancers, Nick knows how to bring out the best in athletic bodies and how to visually tell their best story.


Like many of us, Nick is on his social media game, posting basic content from many of his runs to his Instagram as well as his Strava. For many of us, taking selfies and getting on social media to post our workouts could fall into the category of bragging, or showing off.  


But for Nick, this is just another way to inspire those around him to get up and move at some point in their day. Many of his fellow runners and friends are known to see what Nick has done "already today", roll their eyes a bit, get motivated, and head out the door to get in their own movement. 


Maybe not everything we do needs to live online, but if your run selfie can both inspire and make you feel proud all at once?! Keep posting and lean into the goal to #HaveMoreFun



- Story by Brogan Graham, Run Program Director