melin x Feeding San Diego

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”

-John Holmes


“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”

-Winston Churchill


“Give what you have. To someone it may be better than you dare to think.”

-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Thanksgiving is here.  A cherished time of year that conjures up feelings of warmth. Warmth in family and loved ones, in traditions, warmth by a fire, or through games and laughter…


Warmth from a bountiful dinner table. 


Unfortunately for many, the holiday season is a much colder time.  Not enough loved ones and tradition, not enough fun and laughter… not enough food. 


Even more unfortunate, that population continues to grow.


Which is why melin has partnered with the wonderful people at Feeding San Diego, a member of the Feeding America Network Affiliate, to give back to local communities and put food on their tables. On Thanksgiving Day, any single A-Game purchase will help provide two meals to families through Feeding San Diego.  


For their families, for warmth. 

<Every A-Game sold helps provide 2 meals to families in need> 


Providing Meals, Feeding Others

Feeding San Diego is the leading hunger relief and food rescue organization in San Diego County and the only Feeding America affiliate in the region.  Their mission is, “To connect every person facing hunger with nutritious meals by maximizing food rescue.”  They nourish children, families, seniors, military families, college students, veterans and so many more.   They have taken on an incredible workload and are using positively groundbreaking methods to tackle food insecurities in San Diego County.  Last year alone they served 35 million meals and rescued 28 million pounds of food which would have been wasted. 


How do they do it?  With the help of over 300 local charities, schools, faith communities, meal sites, health centers, and food pantries across the County, “America’s Finest City” gives back.  The Feeding San Diego network is made even stronger with the help of 600 food donors, 370 distribution partners, 225 farms, 10,000+ volunteers, 16,000 donors and 100+ employees.  Their cause is noble, and their numbers are mighty and through this selfless synergy, they can continue putting food on tables and lending a hand to those in need. 


Nothing Goes to Waste

Food rescue, what does that mean?


Of the astounding 35 million meals Feeding San Diego served last year, 70% of that food was rescued from grocery stores, wholesalers, restaurants and coffee shops, and so many more.  That’s 28 million pounds of food diverted from landfills!  By reaching out and sourcing those items, or arranging partnerships with storefronts, Feeding San Diego is able to rescue high quality food and give it to San Diegans experiencing hunger. 


Their network of food rescue partners has become a locally sourced way to prevent good food from going to waste. 

<Every A-Game sold helps provide 2 meals to families in need> 


Environmental Impact

In addition to sourcing and distributing millions of meals, Feeding San Diego has also made environmental impact a cornerstone of their outreach.  Organic waste in landfalls, or wasted food, emits 20% of the state’s methane, more commonly known as a super-pollutant 84 more times more potent than carbon dioxide.  The 28 million pounds of food rescued prevented 24,489 metric tons of carbon dioxide from damaging the atmosphere.  Not only is their outreach work unparalleled, but their environmental impact and sustainable practices are also benefitting the planet. 


Bigger Than Us

At melin, we believe that we are only as strong as the person next to us.  Which is to say that if our neighbor needs help, we’re gonna help them.  We also believe that strength in these endeavors requires numbers, and because of the generous and loyal following of the melin Family, and the incredible work of Feeding San Diego, we can be of service to those facing tough times this year. 


melin X Feeding San Diego.