How to clean your melin HYDRO hat

So we build the HYDRO range to take a lickin and keep on tickin. The hats are literally made from the ground up with the premise being they have to be the most water and sweat friendly headwear in the world for the most active, sweaty, dirty humans out there. So essentially we know people are going to abuse em and rightfully so. In fact our tag line is "melin HYDRO is built to enable you to have more fun in the sun this summer. Made to accompany you around the globe or around the block, through the sprinklers or through the barrel, on the wake or in the lake, over the falls or through them, from tide pools to Vegas pools and everywhere in between." 

Issue is with abuse comes battle wounds; scuffs from tree branches, marks and smudges from dirt or mud and of course the natural human body cooling itself, aka "SWEAT". So this is how you bring your battle tested melin HYDRO back to red carpet ready...

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