Join The Players Club with Steel Lafferty

You know those people that are just good at… everything? They pick up a hobby, a sport, a new skill, doesn’t matter… They’re just good at what they do. 


And then even worse, they’re a joy to be around. Engaging, funny, charismatic, an all-around good time. 


That’s our boy Steel Lafferty. Chairman of The Players Club, professional wakeboarder, golf enthusiast, Florida’s very own renaissance man, and a proud member of the melin Family. 


Make no mistake, The Players Club is where it’s at. And no, that’s not a spot with a bouncer, a list, and bottle service… It’s Steel’s mindset and openness to be willing to “play” no matter where the day may lead.


Today, his signature Coronado Player gets a new colorway; as fresh as you like, squeaky clean all-white variation that symbolizes both Steel, and the white-hot Florida metropolis, Miami. 


Steel showed us around his favorite locales, and a bit about those neighborhoods that have made him who he is today. 


South Beach

Miami’s most notorious neighborhood, and with good reason. A cultural explosion of food, fashion, architecture, clubs, speakeasies, and quite literally the best people watching in the world. Post up on Ocean Drive with a Café Olé or a tasty beverage and take it all in. Nightlife? Pace yourself. These parties are known to go all night, all day, and all night again.  


Being a crossroads of culture and history, there are world-famous art deco hotels, Cuban influences, French accents, and an authentic version of self that both the locals and tourists check into. South Beach is very much a lifestyle more so than a location on a map. You gotta feel this place to understand how a kid like Steel could over time evolve into the type of man confident enough to develop a prowess in the water, as well as master the hardest game out there, golf. 

 Join the Players Club with Steel Lafferty.



With all the diversity, and a bit less of the beaches, Downtown Miami is an epicenter of movement, media, music, business, and art. Referred to as the CBD, or Central Business District, Biscayne Boulevard is the second most traveled strip besides South Beach. During the day it’s commerce, designer shopping, and a beautiful mash-up of the city’s oldest buildings nestled among glorious skyscrapers. When the sun goes down, take in a Miami Heat game or a concert at the American Airlines Arena, or rub elbows with a who's who if its Art Basel season. Either way, there’s plenty to be a part of Downtown.


 Join the Players Club with Steel Lafferty.


Biscayne Bay

Although he’s a jack of all trades, Steel’s first love is the water. Put him on a wakeboard and just sit back and watch. It’s poetry in motion and combined with the striking visuals provided by the Miami skyline, it’s a sight to behold. Steel owns this Bay, and while we don’t expect any 720’s or Tantrums out of you, you can at least rep the same hat, even if you’re just watching. 


 Join the Players Club with Steel Lafferty



What Wynwood lacks in notoriety, she makes up for in raw culture, talent, and energy. The walls are blessed with murals by homegrown Miami talent, and the cuisine, drinks, and shops are as unique as the murals themselves. Cruise down 2nd Avenue and take in the Wynwood Walls. Grab a bite at Momosan or Beaker & Gray. No matter how you choose to spend your time in this bitchin’ district, you’re guaranteed to have a one-of-a-kind time.


 Join the Players Club with Steel Lafferty


The Players Club

How to get in? 

Do You. Do you to the fullest. 

Keep an open mind and seek out new experiences. Hey, you might not master it, but you’ll have learned more about you along the way. 

Ask Steel. It’s worth it every time.


melin X Steel Lafferty