melin HYDRO vs. THERMAL: What's The Difference?

What’s the difference between HYDRO and THERMAL? We’re glad you asked! 

Both are meticulously crafted to handle any level of moisture you or Mother Nature can throw at them. HYDRO is designed to keep you cool, and dry, in the spring and summer months. THERMAL is designed to keep you dry and warm when temperatures drop but you still want to enjoy the outdoors. 


Shop melin Hydro.



melin HYDRO is built to enable you to have more fun in the sun during the spring and summer. Tested around the globe and around the track, through the sprinkles and through the barrel, on the wake and in the lake, over the falls and through them, from tide pools to Vegas pools and everywhere in between. 

HYDRO is water resistant, lighter weight, durable, comfortable and breathable, easy to rinse and designed to float. HYDRO, Built For the Water.  


 Shop melin's Scout Collection of THERMAL hats for men and women, built to keep you nice and toasty in the coldest temps.



melin THERMAL shares all of HYDRO’s water repellant DNA for the outer layers. The difference is the moisture wicking, microfleece liner with varying levels of insulation for any degree of frigid you can face - keeping you warm without overheating. Comfortable, but not a sweaty mess when you’re cutting fresh tracks in the backcountry, or logging your daily miles on a brisk morning.

THERMAL is water resistant, temperature regulating, comfortable, durable, and easy to care for.  

Infinite (least), Scout and Lumberjack (most) have varying warmth levels. Be sure to consult our warmth guide when viewing each product to help you choose the right level of insulation for your next adventure. THERMAL, Built For The Cold.