melin x Ethika Collaboration

Ethika, like melin, is a highly esteemed lifestyle brand, underlining its shared values of top-tier quality, innovative design, and the commitment to unparalleled luxury comfort. The world of premium headwear just got a thrilling upgrade with melin's new collaboration collection with Ethika. Creating a fresh wave in fashion, the partnership introduces two exceptional hats - the Desert Dunes Odyssey and a special edition Trenches hat.

The Desert Dunes Odyssey redefines the classic West Coast trucker snapback with a modern camouflage design. Proudly showcasing its collaboration, melin adds a large Ethika logo on the center of the hat. Ideal for the modern adventurer, the Desert Dunes Odyssey's style and durability are sure to make a statement at any social gathering or outdoor excursion. 


melin x Ethika Odyssey in Desert Dunes Camo

Next in line is the special edition Trenches, which effortlessly fuses the sport-driven elements of melin's brand with Ethika's bold lifestyle aesthetic. The special collaboration features the melin Trenches hat in Ethika's signature colors of black and red, with a smaller and subtle Ethika patch on the bottom corner of the hat. With a comfortable horizontal front seam construction and modified flat bill, the melin x Ethika Trenches is the perfect way to elevate your look. 


melin x Ethika Trenches Hat


Whether you're an outdoor adventurer or a fashion aficionado making a statement on city streets, this melin x Ethika collaboration is an absolute must-have in your collection.


These limited-edition melin x Ethika hats are exclusively available on Ethika's website HERE.