Peter Attia: The Drive to Outlive

Peter Attia x melin: The DRIVE to OUTLIVE


Do you know the name Peter Attia?


What about Kelly Slater, Michael Dell, Joe Rogan, Chris Hemsworth, and Andrew


Well, if you know those guys, it’s time you learned about Peter. The aforementioned names are just a few of the millions of individuals who have tailored their lifestyles to his findings, teachings, and views.


Peter Attia is a Stanford/Johns Hopkins/NIH-trained physician focusing on the applied science of longevity, the extension of human life, and maximizing overall well-being.


His podcast, ‘The Drive’, has over 50 million episodes downloaded,
and his testimonial list is equally as impressive. 


He’s an expert of medicine, a walking advertisement for functional fitness, and a
natural-born leader. 


Besides being a world class physician and champion of longevity, Peter is also a diehard melin supporter.


He discovered melin a few years ago, thanks to his friend and colleague Nick Stenson’s excitement about the brand. After vowing to never spend that kind of money on a hat, he now swears by them.


Reasons being; the durability, performance aspects, UV protective capabilities, and versatility of function and style.


Though you’d never tell by the look of him, Peter just advanced into his 5th decade of life. The majority of those 5 decades spent pursuing a fanatical understanding of the human body, the connection between metabolic exercise and period of existence, and fortifying our defenses against cancer, aging, and general decline.


Translation: Peter knows how our bodies work, the best ways to approach fitness, and what we can be doing to enhance our time here. To get the most out of every day.


His message: There are two ways to go about this life. Complacency and
convenience… or exceeding expectations, pushing the limits on longevity, and outliving the status quo.

And he’s here as part of the melin Family to teach us how we can translate
science into an invaluable fiber that influences our everyday lives. To teach us how to OUTLIVE.


With his new book, OUTLIVE, hitting shelves this week, Peter partnered with melin for an extremely limited release to commemorate the 5th anniversary of ‘The Drive’ Podcast.



In addition to the exclusive 150 hats produced; we are giving away 5 signed copies of the book.


The catch? There is none.


Anything Peter endorses is because he personally uses, supports, and believes in. His motivation is to share about products he's passionate about with subscribers, not for personal profitand he's not accepting a cent from this endorsement. 
That’s why we’re ecstatic he chose to partner with melin. 

Dropping April 5th, the Peter Attia x melin ‘The Drive’ hat is available online.


It is our pleasure and honor to be the personal headwear choice of such an exemplary individual, and we implore you to subscribe to ‘The Drive’, grab a copy of Outlive, and if you’re quick enough, 1 of the 150 hats available.


Check Out Peter's work:


melin x Peter Attia