Chuck Patterson: When Adventure Calls…

Cortes Bank/Chuck Patterson


“When opportunity knocks…” 


A good quote to live by and a constant reminder, right?  


What about when that opportunity is a once-in-a-lifetime banger swell rolling from Peahi (aka Jaws) towards the California coast?  


We're in! Say no more.  


A foundational part of melin is seeking out adventure, answering the call, and showing up for those opportunities.  Being ready for the unknown and equipped for the unforgettable.  It’s woven into every fiber of our hats, and by putting one on, you’re agreeing that you too, are up for anything.  


#HaveMoreFun can go down a lot of different ways, and this time, melin’s own, Chuck Patterson, led the charge towards a heavenly day of surf at the Cortes Bank.  


This is that story.    


“Chucky P”

California native, lifelong waterman, and melin Family, Chuck Patterson is an action sports titan who has spent his life pushing the boundaries on all things surf and snow.  A maven on the mountain and a natural in the water, Chuck is always charging, always seeking, and always ready to go at the drop of a hat.  



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Cortes Bank

Roughly 100 miles off the coast of Dana Point, CA, 50 miles past San Clemente Island, and due directly west of the Tijuana border crossing, Cortes Bank (Bishop’s Rock), is a naturally formed seamount that when the conditions are right, absolutely fires.  Glassy walls, offshore winds, and barrels that roll forever.  


As Chuck puts it, and what made this trip so majestic, “There’s so many variables that can go wrong, but when it goes right, that’s worth everything in gold.”


That’s high praise from a guy who has spent his entire life riding the best waves on the planet.  


The Trip

Best told by melin’s own John Lee; lifelong surfer, two-wheel connoisseur, and marketing guru.  The following took place over an unforgettable 48 hours.  


“I’ve always loved last minute adventures.  There’s spontaneity, some adrenaline, and the guarantee that sometime, someplace, the unexpected will arise.  Like that famous idiom, ‘You never know unless you go…’


I love that feeling.”


Chuck had spent the previous day riding this exact swell at Jaws.  Sensing something remarkable about this break gave him an idea; chase the swell back to California, and move fast.  


He made some calls, rallied the crew, dialed in the boat and jet-skis, and jumped on a one-way eastbound flight.  melin was one of those calls.  


“Chasing waves of consequence and rolling the wheel of chance that the conditions hold true to forecasted perfection.” 


This Cortes Bank bound band of misfits mustered at Dana Point Harbor around 7-8 PM the night before.  They loaded up the yacht, snapped a few photos, and pushed off with one thing in mind.  Bliss.


Cutting through a pitch-black ocean, everyone trying to get some shuteye, downright giddy for what was to come.


9-hour boat ride, through the dead of night. 


“How many miles out?”  

“A lot.”


And then it happened.  


“Sun slowly breaks the horizon.  And these unbelievable pinks, purples, and oranges are bouncing off water that is pure, silky glass as far as I can see.  Couldn’t tell where the ocean stopped, and the sky started.  360 degrees of heaven and remains the most perfect sunrise I’ve ever seen.” 




Zipping up wetsuits, zinc’d up, and melin hats all around, what followed was the kind of perfect harmony between tow-in jetski, surfer, ocean, and barrel.  



Rinse, repeat.  


Wave after wave, hour after hour, until as gently as it reminded them to get up and charge, the horizon let the crew know it was time to kick back, crack a cold one, and soak in a day on the water that could never be duplicated.  An experience they’d never forget.  


“It’s been 8 years since I woke up in that magical big wave misto.  Riding liquid mountains in the middle of nowhere with a couple great friends.  That’s as good as it gets.”


Remarkable moments rarely come with a warning.  You’re either ready to go or not.  We’ve kept that in mind every step of the way and we’d like to think that you, as part of the melin Family, hold true to the same code.  


Thanks for stopping by. 


Next time opportunity knocks, we look forward to seeing you out there.  Answering the call to…