Win A Trip To Hawaii: melin x Turtle Bay Giveaway

Had to do it at least once.
So, you’re here because you saw something about a free 4-night vacation at Oahu’s Turtle Bay Resort, right?  The one where if you make a purchase at, you've got a puncher’s chance at two tickets to paradise?


Good.  Because we’re sending two of you to Hawaii and the fine folks at Turtle Bay have pointed us in the right direction for the dreamiest Hawaiian vacation possible.  And when we say direction, we quite literally mean, anywhere you go on the resort or idyllic island leads to a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 
First off, in honor of our brand-new golf line, the Links Collection, we gotta mention the two Championship Golf Courses at Turtle Bay;  The Arnold Palmer, and the George Fazio.  Both offer beachfront play, and a challenge to all skill levels.  Put the scorecard away and soak up the experience of 18 holes nestled into Oahu’s North Shore.  The Turtle Bay Resort has been a longtime melin partner, so trust us when we say, they know how to tee it up the melin way. 


Now, for a quick rundown in some of the Resort and Island’s best offerings…
The Island Is Your Oyster
Are you and yours the itinerary type?  Vacation means a perfectly packed schedule, not letting a second go to waste?  You met your match with Turtle Bay.  It’s a sprawling resort chock full of unforgettable adventures. Horseback, helicopters, waterfalls, oh my!
Or maybe you hear Hawaii and think food.  Better bring your stretchy pants cause it’s on.  Steakhouses, shrimp shacks, shaved ice, smoothies, fine dining, luau pig roasts, hand crafted desserts, and a cocktail for every occasion… Do you, Champ. 
Not to be forgotten, those, like me, who hear vacation and thinks pair of trunks, nice bevvy, some SPF, and not a single care in the world.  If Hawaii is one thing, and one thing only… it’s that.  Island Time. 


We’ve split up some of the top recommendations into those three categories: Adventure & Explore, Dining & Libations, Relax & Recover.
Browse the list, take what you like, leave the rest.  The beauty of 96 uninterrupted hours in Hawaii means you have time to do it your way.  Just like art class in elementary school, no wrong answers. 
Only thing you gotta do… #HaveMoreFun
Adventure & Explore
Helicopter Tours
Best way to see Oahu?  A Bird’s eye view. 
Book a private Doors Off helicopter tour and take in the island as it was meant to be seen.  Enjoy the breathtaking views of famous North Shore surf breaks, sprawling jungles, and the majestic 1,000-ft Kaliuwa’a (Sacred Falls). 
Care for something a bit more specific?  Charter a helicopter excursion and move around the island however you want. 
Talk about romantic.  Saddle up for a one-hour trail ride traversing the trails and beaches around the resort.  Can’t beat a Hawaiian sunset on horseback.  Cap it off with a private beachfront picnic, fully prepared by the Resort staff.
Whether you’re the REI enthusiast or the leisurely wanderer, there is enough hiking on Oahu to last a lifetime. 
Take a one-hour stroll through Waimea Valley and reward yourself with a dip in the serene wonder of the Waimea falls
Head towards Makapu’u Lookout for a two-mile hike friendly to all skill levels.  The trail stops upon the Makapu’u Lighthouse from which you can spot a humpback whale or two. 


Beaches & Snorkeling
Electric Beach, Mermaid Caves, and Makaha & Yokohama Beach are recommended by the Resort to get your toes in the sand, take in the illustrious surf, and grab a snorkel to get a closer look at the wondrous wildlife.  However, be mindful of the surf, respect the ocean, and always, mind the reef.  Hawaiians are fiercely respectful of the ocean, and there’s no reason we can’t be either. 
Dining & Libations
Turtle Bay Resort boasts an incredible array of dining options.  From fine dining to no-frills, there’s no shortage of culinary options to feast on. 
Alaia is the Resort’s signature restaurant where they’re sourcing the freshest ingredients on the island to plate a delectable variety of modern Hawaiian cuisine. 
Beach House by Roy Yamaguchi is also on property and it’s a can’t miss for your dining plans.   Beach House is Yamaguchi’s homage to Hawaiian potluck beach gatherings.  Portions are generous, the food is made with love, and the service is all the way Ohana. 
Sunset and Lei Lei are two establishments serving the best cocktails on the planet.  Beachfront and with a view of the surfers below, Sunset is a sunglasses type of spot, where the Mai Tais keep flowing and the good times follow.  Lei Lei is a locals-approved joint serving up both Hawaiian and Mainland favorites from morning to night, complimented with a delicious adult beverage, and overlooking the Resort’s golf course.
If you’re headed out for one of the above-mentioned hikes, then we’ve got three spots you must check out. 
Sunrise Shack is an essential stop for some daybreak island nourishment. Fresh smoothies, island coffee, and breakfast to send you on your way. 
Giovanni Shrimp Truck is sworn upon by every food mag worth their salt.  Don’t let the humble digs fool you, they’re dishing out Michelin-level seafood and it’s well worth the wait. 
For dessert, nothing more refreshing than a Matsumoto’s Shaved Ice.  Beans or no beans, this family run lean-to is world famous for their heavenly ices.  Wanna fit right in?  Top it off with condensed milk. 
Relax & Recover
Nalu Spa
Something about Hawaii gives massage vibes, am I right? 
Turtle Bay Resort’s Nalu Spa has all those vibes and more.  Nurture, vitality, rejuvenation, and transformation… just some of the words that come to mind when we bring up the Spa.  Nalu is Hawaiian for ‘wave’, and there’s something hypnotic about the rhythmic churning of the ocean, operating on its own time, it’s perfect ebb and flow. 
The Spa is rooted in the Hawaiian practice of Aloha ‘Aina, a love of and nurturing care for the land.  It’s generation upon generation of practiced relaxation and it’s yours to experience. 
Offering Stress Relief, Deep Tissue, Himalayan Warm Salt Stone, and Coconut Pohaku massages, Nalu is a haven of relaxation.  Pair it one of their facials and hot damn, you got yourself an island glow-up. 
Adult Cabanas & Daybeds
A vacation for two means you and yours, no kids.  So, if you got little ones of your own or just don’t care for senseless splashing, Turtle Bay offers Adult Only Cabanas by a slightly more elevated pool.  Cause your vacation doesn’t include floaties, and swim goggles, unless you’re into that sort of thing. 
For Beachfront R&R, they also offer beach daybeds.  Furnished for serenity between you and the sea, these are the perfect spot to rest your head, grab a book, and nod off.  Shaded too, of course. 


So You Going or What?
If you’re not entered in the giveaway by now or booking your own Turtle Bay getaway, then what’re you waiting for?  We can’t wait to get over there and we hope you do the same.  
Warmer months are upon us, and the melin Family knows…
There’s no wrong way to #HaveMoreFun